AP exams are right around the corner. Jimmy Carter is offering five AP exams; Economics, History, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, and English 4.

As the AP exams approach, teachers are working hard to prepare students as much as they can. They take advantage of every opportunity they have to teach their students all the necessary strategies.

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Camarillo expresses the way she believes her students are going to do since 69 of her students are taking the Spanish Language exam, and 14 students are taking the Spanish Literature exam.

“I feel really excited because I know that the kids are prepared because they have been working really hard. I am more than sure that most of my students are gonna. I’m excited that the time is almost here and I bet that they are excited too,” Camarillo said.

History AP teacher, Mr. Flores explains the way he feels since its his first time teaching an AP class.

“Its my first time teaching AP it’s a mixture of confidence and nervousness with a hint of anxiety.”

Furthermore, this year will be different from the others. This year each student will have to pay 15 dollars for every AP exam they take.Junior student, Angela Rodriguez expresses how she feel now that each student has to pay to take their AP exams.

“I think it is unfair for the students that cannot pay and didn’t have enough time to make arrangements to pay.”

In conclusion, in less than three months students will be taking their AP exams. They know how this exams are going to help them, therefore they are taking their time to prepare for this important exams.

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