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TAFE Regional Conference Coming Up

TAFE Regional Conference Coming Up

T.A.F.E. Competitions COMING UP!


T.A.F.E. Club members are having a Regional’s Competition coming up on November 16th, and they are getting ready for it.


“The Region 1 Regional Conference is an opportunity for students to show their talents as future educators, and also to collaborate with their peers around the region,” says Vanessa Brown, sponsor of the T.A.F.E. Club. 


The Regional Conference will be holding a talent show, in which at least one student from every school has to join. Carter already has two juniors who are planning on representing their school by singing a duo. 


This competition will host schools from Laredo to Brownsville and include awarding a scholarship for the TAFE Student of the year.  Glenda Moreno and Ailyn Lucero of Carter TAFE are nominated for this recognition, ” said Brown. Both Glenda and Ailyn are siked about it.


“It feels really good, especially because it’s really nice that Mrs. Brown thought about us,” said Ailyn Lucero. 


However, what about their events?


On September 28, Saturday, the T.A.F.E. club attended a Leadership Workshop at Vanguard Academy in Pharr,  which consisted of breakout sessions about the competitions and guidelines. They were taught about the dress code, and what the events for the competitions required. Based on what they were told, they began working on their events a week later.


To prepare, students are studying the history of education, as well as their specific topics, such as ethical dilemma, which this year deals with teachers changing grades for athletes. Reading, studying, and planning all come into play as students prepare for their events, but there are opportunities for students to be creative and show their fun side in events like TRAFLES and bulletin board,Brown adds in.


The president of the T.A.F.E. club said, “It’s been very stressful. We’ve been meeting up once every two days to check up on our status, and we pretty much have it all set up. Lots of preparation is needed for these kinds of things, and we only have a month left. I’m hoping we all feel ready by the time the competition gets here.”

Winter Formal: Will you dance with me?

T.A.F.E. Club is sponsoring and organizing a Winter Formal for December 18.

After a year without,  the T.A.F.E. Club decided to take it into their own hands and sponsor it themselves. 

Club sponsor, Vanessa Brown, said, “We are happy to announce we will be taking charge of the Winter Formal this year with new ideas.” 

The Winter Formal is a dance, where students dress elegantly. The sponsors provide music to dance to and snacks to buy while having fun with your friends. Concessions will include pickles, hot-Cheetos and cheese, candy bars, drinks, and others.

“We also have our nominations going on. Including all grade levels, there will be a Snow King and Queen, Snow Prince and Princess, Snow Duke and Dutchess, and Lord and Lady,” said Brown.

The royal court will be selected based on who can raise the most money by the deadline. 

“The Winter Equinox inspired the Winter Formal. It’s a day where both day and night are exactly 12 hours. This only happens twice a year.”


The last formal was held in 2017.

A senior at Carter said, “The dance we had at the time wasn’t so fun. I’m hoping this year is different. Based on what I’m hearing, the organization of this dance seems different from before. The sponsors include more ideas like decorations and the theme. The tables weren’t decorated in 2017; maybe now they’ll consider decorating the dance room more.” 

An official announcement will be coming in late October or early November.


“Needs Closet” is being made a reality by the T.A.F.E. Club at Carter school making sure everyone is provided with what they need.     

         T.A.F.E. stands for Texas Association of Future Educators. It is a club for students who wish to partake in any services for the school, and for those who are interested to become teachers or be part of the Education field. 

        The service project is a 4-cabinet closet available to place pads, tampons, razors, snacks, deodorants, shampoos, and conditioners. The T.A.F.E. members are doing this with the “hope” to be able to provide what some students may not have access to on their own at home. This project is not only for those who are missing these items at home but also for students who just didn’t get to eat breakfast or lunch. 

                            The question is: How did it even become an idea? 

T.A.F.E. Sponsor, Vanessa Brown said “I was on Pinterest wasting time one night and I saw this really cool project that an elementary had done. I thought we could modify it for our school. The idea rattled around for a while and I talked to Mrs. Gomez-Perez, our principal, about it and she thought it was a good idea.”

Like every project students do at school, they’re either for a grade, or extra points, but this project’s goal is neither of those. 

A junior T.A.F.E. member, Betsy Garcia, said. “Our goal is defined by our theme Take What You Need, Give What You Can. Not only are we, T.A.F.E. members, going to participate in donating items to this closet, but any other student that finds it in his or her heart, as well. We also want this to be a school-wide project. That being said, whoever wants to help out and donate items to the closet, know that we aren’t asking for family-size objects. Travel-size is more than enough, it goes a long way.” 

Like any other project, this one also requires teamwork.

          “The Closet is open at any time, preferably during lunch or passing period. Spread the word about the service project, make sure to tell your friends about it! Post it, share it, talk about it, make sure that everyone is involved in this service project.” she says with the hope that the people who read this take action.           

Other than that, opinions of Carter students and staff on this project seem to all be the same according to Sergio Cantu, a junior attending Carter, as he said: “That is totally tubular.” He explained how he thought it was a “great” idea.

                “I see great things being out of this project.” 

               Carter red wolves are proud of their new service project, but what does a community member have to say?

            “Creo y es algo que siempre se a necesitado y estoy muy feliz que alguien tomó cargo y lo hizo realidad.”

I think it is something that has always been needed and I am happy that someone took control and made it a reality,”  says a parent of a Carter student. She continued to say that she thought that other schools should do the same and practice integrity with one another. “I am sad that this is barely being implemented in school, but I’m glad it started at my daughter’s school.”

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