Growing up as a red wolf is no small feat. We face adversity and have chosen to not only attend high school but an early college high school at that.

While earning high school credit, the classes we choose are dual enrollment and push our commitment level to that of what an adult faces after having traditionally graduated.

Red wolves break from tradition and begin to forge their path. As trailblazers, we do not abandon our culture or roots but know that to take ourselves to the next level we must build and use what our families have afforded us.

A red wolf pack knows that it takes everyone to raise us and while often we may be shy and secretive we are above all complex in our socialization. We are committed to our partners and need our pack to function. With that in mind, we at the Red Gold News provide not only a creative outlet for many but also some emotional relief and from time-to-time comic intervention to make our communal lives a success.

•Dual Enrollment Teacher
•Adjunct Instructor UTRGV/STC
•Journalism Advisor
•RGN Advisor
•UIL Coordinator
•UIL Journalism Coach

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