To be awarded her merit scholarship, she did no more than complete her college application.
Samantha Salazar, a senior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School, is currently the recipient of a merit scholarship. The scholarship proves helpful as she prepares for further education, but Salazar faces uncertainty even in her senior year.
“I’m a first-generation student, so I do not know anything about college or scholarships,” Salazar said. “I had to learn by myself.”
Salazar says that she initially wanted to avoid college due to its expense. She turned to her friends for advice.
“They would say that, ‘that’s a great thing, like being awarded a scholarship of up to $12,000 per year,’” Salazar said. “I’m doubting if I’m going or not to college.”
Of the types of scholarships bestowed on students, the merit scholarship is awarded for a student’s academic achievement or ability. The institution that awarded Salazar her merit scholarship, and the one she applied to, is Asbury University, located in Wilmore, Kentucky.
“I’m trying to decide whether or not go to Kentucky for the scholarship,” Salazar said.
Salazar is still deciding on her next steps toward higher education. However, she knows what she would like to do.
“Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business to open my small business,” Salazar said.
Although Salazar did not anticipate being a scholarship recipient, her achievement is a testament to how far she has gotten. She truly believes college is worth it for every student.
“Expect the unexpected; I didn’t expect to go into college or be accepted by some college and even be awarded a scholarship,” Salazar said.
She is an excellent example to all the RedWolves on their journey to higher education.

Yankarlo Munoz is a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School and serves as a reporter for the student newspaper. He recognizes the importance of journalism and values its ethical principles. He has contributed to the Student Publication and hopes to do more.

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