As she saw a young Salvadorian girl get separated from her parents by border patrol, inspiration for helping others struck and many followed, that would alter her goal of restoring human dignity.

Restoring human dignity has always found a way in Sister Norma Pimentel’s life, who received praise for her volunteer work, by being bestowed the Hispanic Heritage Award for her service helping immigrants and refugees. Sister Norma Pimentel’s mission “is to help families restore their human dignity.”

“When I see a child’s face with a smile, I see a lot of hope because they are the future of humanity and giving them an opportunity to be a child that gives me a lot of hope it gives me a sense that I am doing the right thing,” Pimentel said. “My mission for me is to help families restore their human dignity, I believe that all human life needs to be respected.”

Pimentel seems to have a passion for helping those who face adversity. Mrs. Rodriguez, volunteer at the respite center, has seen her in action and knows what it takes to help others.”

“Most people are not happy about helping others, but Pimentel is different she has the ganas (desire)of helping those who face adversity,” said Rodriguez. “I am lucky to know her.”

Having Mexican parents and being born near the border, Sister Norma Pimentel has been exposed to immigration and has realized that under her eyes everyone is equal.

“Because I am a native here of the Rio Grande Valley, I grew up here right by the border I was exposed with people coming and going. They were immigrants from Mexico, Salvador, Honduras … and we always saw each other as a community the fact that some are here that are not legal that does not mean they are different,” Pimentel said.

Almost everyone in Sister Norma Pimentel’s life have supported her goals, yet she has dealt with many critics. That does not stop Nun Pimentel from expanding her mission and goals to go beyond the borders of the city, and she hopes that one-day humanity will learn, “how to respect one another so that we can find solutions to differences without destroying human life.”

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