“The undefeated team, ”Juarez Lincoln’s Girls soccer program is enjoying their first year when all three teams are victorious in both non-district and district games. Because of their excellent support and teamwork, they have achieved this.
Juarez-Lincoln offers a first period, a ninth period class, and after school to improve your soccer skills. Equipment is provided to any girl who is dedicated to the program and is willing to give it all in the field. Transportation would also be provided to those who stay after school.
To be part of this program, the girls who would like to join would have to be clear on the Rank One system. The Rank One systems include insurance information and acknowledgment form, UIL signature form, athletic participation form, and a medication permit. These prerequisites are needed in case of a medical problem or an accident that occurs either in practice or in a game.
Coach Garza, head of all three teams has reported “This is the first year, I see a great number of athletes in the program who every day show up to practice and are willing to give it all in the field. We continuously train the girls and teach them about self-discipline, which motivates them to become a strong and united team.”
Students from other academies are welcomed to the join as well. Coaches have open communication with the administration and staff from their schools as well as the interaction with head coaches. To play, the athletes must be aware of their academics grades.
Ashley Segura, Varsity captain, recently stated: “My team and I have successfully worked our way to undefeated victory and have proved cynic individuals that we are more than what they say we are.”
The girls have won the Summer/Fall League 2018, La Joya ISD tournament, the Brownsville tournaments and are heading for district champs. What leads to their undefeated victories was the amount of practice which is from Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 7 p.m.
Any athlete in the program is responsible for their acts in school and the consequences that go along with it. They also need caution in not performing in any activity that will lead the coach into making them sit out the entire game.
Coach Zarate express “the key to success is having a lot of determination and hard work that you put in throughout the week, and a major goal for this year is winning the district.”
Although the Juarez-Lincoln Soccer Program has had many losses in the past, 2018-2019 has impacted their lives for the better because it is the first year all three teams are successful and continue to work hard to keep their undefeated title.

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