The Jimmy Carter Early College High School U.I.L. team has emerged as the grand champion in the veteran 32-4A competition on March 24 and 25. Over ten schools and 200 students participated in various events, including computer science, ready writing, copy editing, current issues and events, editorial writing, feature writing, accounting, calculators, headline writing, mathematics, news writing, number sense, prose interpretation, science, spelling, and journalism.

The Jimmy Carter Early College High School team excelled in the competition, winning first place in editorial, news, and journalism, current issues and events and headline writing. The team also secured several other top-five placements across different categories. The first through third place teams advanced to the regional competition, while the first place team went directly to the regional competition.

Principal Claudia Gomez-Perez said, “Winning the grand champion title is a testament to our students and coaches’ hard work and dedication. Their commitment to excellence and teamwork is truly commendable. We are proud of our U.I.L. team and look forward to their future success.”

In the novice U.I.L. District 32-4A competition, held simultaneously, Jimmy Carter Early College High School students also performed admirably, securing top placements in copy editing, feature writing, news writing, headline writing, editorial writing, and number sense 9th.

“We congratulate our novice U.I.L. team on their outstanding performance in the competition,” said Campus UIL Coordinator Iván Silva. “We are confident that with continued hard work and dedication, they will go on to achieve great success in future competitions.”

The school’s U.I.L. team’s achievement in the competition is a matter of pride for the school community. The school administration hopes that it will inspire other students to excel in their academic pursuits.

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