As of last Monday, the Jimmy Carter Glee Club has began to meet during lunch on Mondays and Friday in room E-105. The club, as of now, is only for fun and as a way for students to explore the arts. Esmeralda Loeras, a freshman, along with Mrs.Robles are the ones who began the Glee Club. A Glee Club is a singing and dancing club created by students as a way to an enjoyable time and make memories. These clubs foster happiness and joy using the Fine Arts programs.

“They often sing popular music from all time period and help students find their voice.“ The Glee club sings music ranging from the 15th to 21st century..” said the

Glee clubs are intended to help and encourage students to find their voice. They also allow their members to be heard through music giving them a sense of belonging. Esmeralda Loeras was inspired by the show on Netflix entitled “Glee”.

“In Glee, the club was always picked on and seen as losers but together they grew a bond that made them stronger. I felt inspired and I thought the voices I’d hear in the halls deserved to be heard,” said Loeras

Glee Clubs help students express themselves in a fun and safe environment. Esmeralda was also encouraged to create a Glee club so that students could find a voice they never knew they had.

“I love to sing and I saw that many people liked to sing as well but were just embarrassed to be heard. I felt like all they needed was a little push and a sense of belonging… A place where they can feel like they can be themselves.” said Esmeralda

In closing, the Jimmy Carter Glee club has been started and is ready to help and give students confidence.  

Erica Solis believes that when it comes to which of her high school courses are the most beneficial, it is English ll and Algebra ll because they are the most commonly applied to the career she wishes to pursue.

Solis believes that the teacher that has most impacted her academic journey was Mrs. Kaz, who was her eighth-grade history teacher; she helped and pushed her to go farther than she thought was possible.
Erica also enjoys History but strongly dislikes Science. Although it was a challenge, she has accomplished becoming a good LD Debater and even won a ninth-grade district tournament.

Erica likes to believe that she does very well in writing and reading. She does U.I.L for LD Debate, FBLA, and the Leo’s Club. Solis decided to start college early because of her desire for a head start on her degree and Mrs. Kaz motivated her to apply. She hopes to leave high school with her associate's degree in Criminal Justice, be accepted into UT Austin and go with her undergraduates in Pre-Law, and then apply to Law School.
Solis wishes to start as a Criminal Defence Attorney and work her way up to a District Attorney. She wants to do this because one day she wants to be defending people from her community in the courtroom.

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