Carter’s year off to a great start by giving staff and students reassurance of their safety and security. The administration has ensured the locking of doors. Although there are more rules that all students and staff should follow, they feel more protected because of this closure. Assistant Principal Dr. Villarreal says, “Having the doors locked is a school policy, so every teacher has to lock their classroom doors for more safety.”

 Not only is this rule actively enforced, but also our district provided schools with cameras that are installed outside of the main entrance for additional protection. La Joya District is cautious because of the number of school shootings that occurred in 2017 and early this year. Now our district is finding more ways to make every school a safer place by placing cameras and locking doors.

Having doors locked in our school makes students feel as if there is a shield in front of them every time they walk onto our campus.

Jimmy Carter student, class of 2020.

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