Eliza Navarro, an outstanding English teacher at Jimmy Carter Early College High School, has been voted Teacher of the Month by Red Gold News.

Ms. Navarro is someone who focuses on student success by being a guide and teaching individuals valuable lessons to be successful in the future. She helps students get faster for the ACT reading and English section, reads classics with her class that relates to modern day, and turns simple words into beautiful poetry. She envisions her seniors to becoming the class with the most scholarships earned.

Senior Vanessa Verdin said, “Ms. Navarro helps us by motivating and preparing us for college. For us seniors, she always takes time and search[es] for scholarships that we can apply to, something that not many teachers do. She always reminds us to apply at least to one every day and is always willing to go over our essays for admissions or scholarships with her. She also prepares us for college, always asking each and every one of us what we want to pursue in college, help us choose our degree plans, and answer any questions we have about college. She treats our class as one from college, benefiting us in many ways.”

Garcia is a lover of words, writing and reading them. She's junior class vice-president, a member of National Honor Society, and a member of the Book Club. She's a firm believer in justice for everyone and has a strong love for dogs.

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