Raquel Cruz, soon to graduate from Texas A&M Kingsville, is on her way to start a career in kinesiology. In the class of 2021, Cruz was in her junior year when the COVID-19 pandemic affected Texas. Her academic journey highlights the significance of JCECHS.

“It’s helped me manage my time better, so I’ve been able to balance things that I have to do and want to do,” Cruz said.

Before her college years, Cruz was part of the La Joya Independent School District. When it was time for her to enroll in high school, she set her eyes on Carter.

“There were a lot of schools (…), but I just thought that Jimmy Carter was more adequate,” Cruz said. “Adequate for my future and the goals I had in mind.”

As was the case with many students, Cruz took the opportunity to complete two years of college for free. JCECHS is an early college, and its academic programs prepare me for life even beyond college.

“I feel that it helps Texas society advance more economically and socially,” Cruz said.

Cruz graduated from Carter and is soon to hit a closing chapter in her academic journey. Cultivating an interest in the sciences, Cruz has accomplished things she’s proud of.

“My major interest is exercise science (…) I feel like people underestimate the chains you can have in your life with exercise,” Cruz said. “I’ve gone to Waco for the American College of Sports Medicine (…). We were able to place in the top ten of all universities.”

Cruz will be graduating from A&M Kingsville this year.

Yankarlo Munoz is a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School and serves as a reporter for the student newspaper. He recognizes the importance of journalism and values its ethical principles. He has contributed to the Student Publication and hopes to do more.