Seesaw is a platform for students to engage with school work activities. This creative app gives students the ability to submit work in various ways as in videos, pictures, notes, drawings, etc. This upcoming semester of 2020, this app was implemented into the La Joya district to improve students’ writing and speaking skills. In this app, teachers put up activities in Seesaw for students to submit their assignments, which makes it easier for teachers to revise and approve their work. 

During the winter break, the district made plans to include this app into the district curriculum. None of the students were aware of this new implement.

Although many students were not really happy about the app, teachers found it to be a great way for students to strengthen their work ethic. 

“It is a very helpful and friendly app for students, so they can enhance their skills in core areas like reading, writing, listening and speaking,” said AVID Teacher, Felomina Bangsalud. 

It provides resources that can help students to obtain a better understanding and learning in core areas. 

Carter teacher, Jorge Villarreal said, “It sucks! It has a lot of potential but I still have to explore it.”

At present, it’s been two weeks since Seesaw was put into effect, there’s still a lot to learn from it since students and teachers are not used this new app. From the little time this app has been added, it could hold a lot of educational experience. 

“It is dumb because we’re college students, and we shouldn’t be doing middle school things like that,” said Carter senior, Jacqueline Lopez. 

“It’s a waste of time because we’re already piled up with a lot of work” said Carter junior, Alondra Zapata. 

Maria Villarreal said, “In my opinion, Seesaw is a great app for students and teachers. I just don’t think it’s applied for all subjects like physics, math, and history. I feel like it’s more for reading and AVID.” 

Seesaw should be applied to certain core areas where they’re needed not in all of them.

Overall, Seesaw will continue to be used in the La Joya district to enhance students learning.