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Online shopping has gotten out of hand for me. I keep receiving stuff in the mail that it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even remember what I ordered. Being quarantined has been mostly dull and stressful, but online shopping keeps me entertained. Today, the state reopened businesses but I feel like this is going to create a huge chaos. The coronavirus is not dead; it’s still spreading very quickly; every day, there are new cases in the Rio Grande Valley. But you know that’s not my problem because I will continue to isolate myself inside these four walls. It hasn’t been so bad, I’ve managed to have fun on my own mostly with music.

I jam out to music almost every day, it just makes me feel free. I feel like music is my escape from reality, depending on the genre it makes me feel like I’m somewhere else. When I listen to indie rock, it makes me feel like I’m at the beach. When I listen to country, it makes me feel like I’m at the ranch. Many songs take me back to old memories and I love that music holds that power over me. Anyways, I’ve also binge-watched a new Netflix series that was released just a couple of days ago that is called “Never Have I Ever.” I believed it was going to be boring, but it ended up being a very good show. It’s mostly about teenage drama and love, but I loved how they exhibited different cultures. I really loved the show to the point where I fell in love with one of the characters which is Paxton!!!! He is so hot. I can see why Devi was all over him. Not only that, but I loved some of the music they had on the show. One of the songs I’ve had on replay is “Fire For You” by Cannons; this song comes out when Paxton kisses Devi. I overall loved the show, and I can’t wait for season 2 to come out. On another note, I’ve been catching up on skincare.
I used to break out so much and so often, but I’ve been keeping up with my routine, and I feel like that has positively affected my skin. I love doing facemasks, my favorite one at the moment is a cleansing apple cider vinegar clay mask and scrub from Freeman. It is so refreshing and leaves my skin looking flawless. Putting on facemasks is my favorite part of skincare. Anyways, I also bought some led light strips that I’ve wanted for a long time. I never bought them because I was waiting for my Christmas light to stop working which they already did. It’s calming and soothing, having not just one color, but various. Depending on my mood, I change the color. Not only that, but I love how the led lights move to the beat of the music. Out of all my online purchases, this has been my absolute favorite. Although I didn’t do much, I feel like this has been my most productive quarantine week.

Distractions 101

This week has drained me mentally. I procrastinated way more than what I used to. I didn’t attend any of my video classes with my teachers and had been turning in assignments at the last minute. I’ve been slacking off a lot, and I’m hoping I can get back on track next week. Although this week was terrible catching up on school work, it was great to spend time with my family. My sister had bought badminton a long time ago and decided it was great to start playing again to make this quarantine more entertaining. Now, we play it almost every single day and keep going at it for hours. The only bad part about playing badminton is that I end up sore the next day since I’m not used to doing exercise or moving around a lot now. I guess it’s good to be active and sore; it reminds me that I’m strengthening my body. Anyways, the other day I went to Walmart to buy board games so that we can all switch up our free time with an indoor activity. My brother sent me on a board game shopping haul and suggested we bring a game called Sequence since he’s played it before and thought it would be fun for us to play it all together. We all ended up liking the game a lot; it was intriguing and fun. It’s kind of like bingo but more interesting. I also bought the card game called Dos; it’s the second version of Uno. We were super confused in the beginning because they switched up a lot of rules from Uno, but it’s still really entertaining.

Not only that, but I bought a similar board game like “Cards Against Humanity,” which was a total fail because we stopped playing it after the first day I purchased it. It wasn’t as good as we believed it was. On another exciting note, my brother and sister-in-law chose me to plan their gender reveal. The gynecologist wrote down the gender in a little letter and enclosed it in an envelope, and I was the first person to know what the sex was. I ended up buying “congrats” balloons and a big black balloon that said, “he or she what will it be?” and filled it up with pink confetti because they’re having a baby girl! I’m so excited to see my beautiful baby niece. My brother was right from the beginning; he always had a feeling that his baby was a girl. Now that I know I have a niece, all I do is shop online for little outfits and things she might need. I do think I have an online shopping addiction I’ve bought so many unnecessary things for my niece, myself, and my room. I like online shopping because I get something to look forward to. Although this week has been an emotional rollercoaster, I can always count on Amazon and Shein to cheer me up. I know my shopping addiction is directly related and feeds into my procrastination, but that sounds like a problem for next week.


I keep looking at the screen, and nothing comes to mind on what to type. The days pass so fast for me, and they always look the same, I don’t even know what today is. Every day is the same routine, nothing changes, not even my procrastination. My sleeping schedule is all over the place, which leads me to miss out on the video conferences I have with my teachers. Sometimes I sleep early, sometimes exceptionally late. I can’t keep up with my body sometimes; I feel drained to the core. I’ve run out of options to keep me busy or entertained. I eat like a pig all the time; I don’t know since when I’ve eaten due to boredom, but that’s all I do now. I’ve implemented this into my routine sometimes, where if there’s nothing to do, I sleep to forward or pass by the day. It’s been crazy for me; these whole online classes are just not for me. Almost everything is due the same day, and I’m rushing to do everything on time, which I do. 

All this time, I’ve had to myself has made me reminisce about a lot of my mistakes from the past. I overthink too much now, and it honestly scares me. It’s crazy how our thoughts are more powerful than we think. I’ve been feeling sad as of late, I’m assuming of how I feel trapped in these four walls. We can’t go out, and boredom has eaten me alive. But today, I decided to get out some mandala coloring books I had. In this way, it would keep me busy and away from my thoughts. I googled about mandalas in which they are actually good for seeking peace and balance in our life. That will keep me going till this coronavirus is over. 

Anyways, I’ve been online shopping crazy for unnecessary things I want. I started with clothes, then room decor and makeup, cases for my phone, and it just keeps going like that. Sometimes I want to hit myself for being this way while there is a crisis going on out there. I took a break this week from online shopping, but I already know what my next item to purchase is. It’s tough to hold myself back since it’s not like I can go to the store and buy it there. Most stores I buy from are closed, so it leaves me with no option. I’ve become an online shopping addict, but it’ll be over once this coronavirus is dead. 

Besides that, it’s beautiful how during these times, it brings our family together. My sister’s university had to close down due to the number of coronavirus cases there was in San Antonio, so she had to move back. My brother decided to move back in since he had been gone for five months, and he wanted to spend time with us throughout this crisis. I’m so happy and blessed that they are here with us when we most need them. It warms and completes my heart that we’re all together again. 

How I’ve been spending my days

These past days have been a rollercoaster. I think my head is wrapped around the fact that the coronavirus exists, and I’m not as afraid as I used to be since I’m precautious. Everyone is still doing the same errands and routines they would do before, pretending as if there’s not a virus outbreak going on or it won’t catch up to them. I can see why the news mentioned that many cases are increasing all around the valley but not in cities like San Antonio. I’m tired of seeing people go out and ignoring the rules that the government enforced for their safety. It does frustrate me that people can be so ignorant over this crisis.

On the other hand, I’ve been passing my days piled up with a lot of work; it feels as if I don’t even get enough time for myself. I wake up to more and more assignments on Google Classroom every day. In my opinion, going to school was way better than this quarantine. I think we get even more work now that we’re not in school. But, it’s okay, I still get everything done on time. This quarantine has mentally drained me, and I have no motivation for anything. It does make me realize how lonely and boring my life is. The only thing that keeps me sane is music. I’ve been trying to explore new music tastes. I always listen to the same trends, but I like to keep up with new releases. Lately, I’ve been getting into indie rock music, it is soothing to hear, and it keeps me calm. Besides that, I’ve been sleeping a lot to the point where when I wake up every day, I start feeling dizzy, and it doesn’t go away till later on. I’ve learned how to cope with it, and I just hope that this feeling doesn’t last long. Anyways, I’m the type of girl that when she feels sad, I like to clean and remodel my room to make me feel better. This past weekend, I decided to redo my room and take out clothes I didn’t need.

I did end up liking my new set up better since I have way more space now. But I wanted to order online stuff for my room like paintings, posters, shelves, etc. Within the time, I’ll get my room to look like how I want it to be. Meanwhile, I’ve been dedicating my nights to my mom, watching comedy movies. The movies we’ve watched is “How To Be A Latin Lover,” “Step Brothers,” “Father Of The Year,” etc. It makes me happy and blessed when I catch her laughing because she’s done so much for us that sometimes she needs to escape reality for a while too. Although this quarantine has pushed all of my buttons, I’m hopeful that better days will come for all of us, and this crisis will end sooner than later.

online classes

Coronavirus has taken over: My daily life changed in a blink of an eye.

My daily life changed in the blink of an eye. When I first heard about the coronavirus, I thought it wouldn’t have caught up to us since it was on the other side of the world. But the virus spread so quickly that it caught up to the valley. I had a gut feeling that spring break would’ve caused us to get cases here in the valley, and it did.

Quarantine has taken place in the United States, and I initially believed it would’ve lasted only two weeks, but since people still don’t listen to what our government officials are saying and continue to go out without precautionary steps, they’ve moved quarantine until April 30. Our health has been our primary concern in all of this chaos.

At first, when I would sneeze or cough, people would nicely say, “bless you,” now you have to hold it in, or else people will look at you with fright. Our society has to go out for groceries or basic needs in masks and gloves to prevent this virus from spreading. Due to this life or death situation, in order to get all the necessary things you need, now you have to wake up at 8 am to be in line outside of Walmart or HEB to be able to get toilet paper, eggs, etc.

People are fighting over essential needs as if they don’t restock every day. Everyone is trying to accumulate their thoughts, trying to comprehend how this got out of control—coming up with new ideas of how to take care of themselves. Although the virus originated from China, people have become so rude and racist, thinking that the best way to take care of themselves is to not get close to Chinese people because “they must have the coronavirus.”  About two days ago, I saw a news article about how our own president Donald Trump was encouraging racism by calling the coronavirus a “Chinese virus.” Nobody wished for this virus to exist, and bringing more problems to the table doesn’t bring any good.

This virus has made me overthink about myself, sometimes I cough, or I have a headache, and right away, I start googling, thinking that it might be the coronavirus. It has driven me paranoid, but I have hope that this will all end soon. Several schools have closed down till further notice; education is now being taught through online classes. Now I spend my days on my laptop trying to finish up every work I have assigned from my teachers. Every day there’s something new on Google Classroom, and I don’t know how to balance my time with work. I sleep a lot because I feel so drained, it’s like I’m never full of energy. I sleep and work, sleep and work, sleep, and work. It feels like a never-ending cycle. I feel trapped as if I’m never going to be able to go out again, and if I get the chance, we have to go out early due to curfew. The valley keeps announcing more and more cases every day, yet I still see people on the streets. People won’t take this seriously until it directly affects them, and I am afraid it has to get to that point where we’re all sick for us to finally understand the gravity of this situation.



Seesaw is a platform for students to engage with school work activities. This creative app gives students the ability to submit work in various ways as in videos, pictures, notes, drawings, etc. This upcoming semester of 2020, this app was implemented into the La Joya district to improve students’ writing and speaking skills. In this app, teachers put up activities in Seesaw for students to submit their assignments, which makes it easier for teachers to revise and approve their work. 

During the winter break, the district made plans to include this app into the district curriculum. None of the students were aware of this new implement.

Although many students were not really happy about the app, teachers found it to be a great way for students to strengthen their work ethic. 

“It is a very helpful and friendly app for students, so they can enhance their skills in core areas like reading, writing, listening and speaking,” said AVID Teacher, Felomina Bangsalud. 

It provides resources that can help students to obtain a better understanding and learning in core areas. 

Carter teacher, Jorge Villarreal said, “It sucks! It has a lot of potential but I still have to explore it.”

At present, it’s been two weeks since Seesaw was put into effect, there’s still a lot to learn from it since students and teachers are not used this new app. From the little time this app has been added, it could hold a lot of educational experience. 

“It is dumb because we’re college students, and we shouldn’t be doing middle school things like that,” said Carter senior, Jacqueline Lopez. 

“It’s a waste of time because we’re already piled up with a lot of work” said Carter junior, Alondra Zapata. 

Maria Villarreal said, “In my opinion, Seesaw is a great app for students and teachers. I just don’t think it’s applied for all subjects like physics, math, and history. I feel like it’s more for reading and AVID.” 

Seesaw should be applied to certain core areas where they’re needed not in all of them.

Overall, Seesaw will continue to be used in the La Joya district to enhance students learning.

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