Jimmy Carter Early College High School recently hosted its inaugural Carter Career Conference, inviting over 16 guests from various fields to engage with students. The conference aimed to give students insights into different career paths and opportunities beyond their academic pursuits.

Junior student Angel Trevino expressed his appreciation for the event, emphasizing the diversity and uniqueness of the speakers.

“The diversity and uniqueness characterize all the speakers. No one person had the same story to tell,” Trevino said.

This sentiment highlighted the value of hearing from professionals with distinct backgrounds and experiences.

The conference featured professionals from various fields, including representatives from the Mission Historical Museum, armed forces, EMS, Fire Department, Real Estate, Fitness Experts, Beauty Experts, Rehabilitative Services, Social Work, and Nursing. This diverse lineup allowed students to explore various career options and gain insights into different industries.

Yesenia Torres, a Business and accounting teacher at the school, emphasized the importance of events like this.

“Events like this are important as they expose students to various professions and industries they might not have considered before. It might also provide networking opportunities and goal setting,” Torres said.

Torres also shared her satisfaction with students’ growing awareness of the link between their education and future careers.

“I enjoyed hearing that students understood the link between their education and future careers,” Torres said.

Junior student Aylin Camero said they shared valuable insights regarding potential career choices, offering practical information and helping students explore their future aspirations by presenting various options.

Camero also suggested improvements, mentioning that the event could have been held in a larger space like the band hall to accommodate more students. Social studies teacher Noel R. Martinez praised the Career Expo.

“This was a significant event that exposed students to job opportunities in the community. I enjoyed how the students were actively engaged in the information being shared by the presenters,” Martinez said.

The inaugural conference gave Jimmy Carter Early College High School students an informative and diverse glimpse into potential career paths.

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