The Bright Star Award is a form of recognition given to a teacher every month. The next recipient of the award is chosen by the current “Bright Star.”

Mrs. Obnial is the most recent recipient of the award.

Receiving the award is not guaranteed, so when Obnial became the “Bright Star,” she was surprised.

“It was, indeed, a pleasant surprise to get the award considering that I am working with a group of excellent teachers that are going the extra mile for the students and are supportive of other teachers,” Obnial said.

The previous recipient, Ms. Robles, chose Obnial due to her passion and love for teaching both teachers and students.

“I chose Mrs. Obnial because when I became part of the 11th-grade team, she welcomed me and guided me with advice. She also helps me with any questions I have with dual enrollment,” Robles said. “I see her passion and love to teach; she is a teacher who truly cares about her students’ learning.”

As for the future recipient of the Bright Star Award, Obnial is having a hard time deciding due to all the excellent teachers on campus.

“No definite teacher yet, but I have a few names in mind. I think everybody deserves the Bright Star Award; that makes the selection even more challenging,” Obnial said.

Obnial will pass the torch at the next faculty meeting.

Angel a 16 year old student at Jimmy Carter Early College Highschool who has picked up journalism as part of one of his classes. He's a big fan of the musical arts, and a big fan of Jehovah.