Jimmy Carter’s TAFE’s (Texas Association of Future) top members at regionals qualified for their state competition, 2020 Teach for Tomorrow Summit. In this state competition, top students who placed in regionals were able to go and compete in several different categories which are the following: Betsabe Garcia, Maria Ortega, and Marissa Llamas won a blue ribbon on Chapter Yearbook, Miranda Vasquez won a silver medal, and Betsabe Garcia won a bronze medal on Educational Leadership, both Glenda Moreno and Ailyn Lucero won a white ribbon in Educational Awareness, Martin Vasquez, Erica Solis, Laura Chavez, and Susan Silva won a silver medal in Breakout Session, Martin Vasquez, and Glenda Moreno placed in Fundraiser, Luis Aguilar and Martin Vasquez won a blue ribbon in Appreciation, Erika Uribe and Glenda Moreno won a Blue Ribbon in Service, lastly Mrs Vanessa Brown won an award on State Distinguished Service Award. With a lot of time and effort put into this competition members of TAFE that participated in this state competition have worked very hard in achieving the goals they have accomplished. 

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