Mrs. Leslie Gonzalez is a freshmen teacher who has dedicated her time and hard work to her students for the past six years, and she continues to do so. She recently was named Teacher of the Year by way of votes from her colleagues.

Because of her accomplishment, many of her coworkers have expressed how proud they are of her, and they have shown the great admiration they have towards her. One of her colleagues, Mrs. Milal Obnial, acknowledges the variety of great things Mrs. Gonzalez has done for the school.

“Even though Mrs. Gonzalez and I am not of the same grade level team, I always know her to be helping students, for example, the time that there was a donor of a lot of gowns that the ladies can use for their prom She just thought of giving it to the students at Jimmy Carter. Another situation I also remember about some students who were graduating and they don’t have the caps and gowns for their graduation, and she found some sponsors and helped those students, so in other words, she is a teacher who would always think about the welfare of the students,” said Mrs. Obnial.

The effort that Mrs. Gonzalez shows the school and students with both personal and academic challenges is evident with her contribution to projects that help students and families with financial needs. She is motivated to help her students become successful individuals in society. Overall, she decided to become a teacher to influence students positively.

“What inspired me to become a teacher was the realization that as a teacher I could impact young minds not just in school, but far beyond the classroom. I’ve always wanted to work with teenagers, and I wanted to have the opportunity to influence their lives in a positive way. What better way than by being their teacher, mentor and role model.” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

I am a Junior who likes to spend time with her family and is very competitive. Hopefully one day I get to become one of the greatest architects.

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