Agustin Arias Jr. is a team player, ready to help with problems. 

Arias has taught since 2005 and teaches AP Calculus,  Algebra, Pre-Cal, and a college math course for future math teachers. 

 Arias did not plan to become a math teacher; he went to school for computer science, where he took several math courses. After graduating college, Arias found it hard to get a job in computer science, leading him to become a substitute.   

“There was an opening, somebody else leaving, and then, you know, I kind of thought, why not?” Arias said. “Let me try it.”  

In addition to being a math teacher, Arias is certified to teach technology applications and computer science. Unknown to many, Arias has a counseling certification. 

“There’s a lot of stuff that people go through, a lot of stuff that we don’t see, and we kind of maybe just take for granted,” Arias said. “We should be more empathetic and understand others.”

While Arias is not a counselor, he was interested in becoming a full-time counselor at some point but did not pursue it, though he believes it helps when it comes to teaching. 

“I think it does help you become a little bit more empathetic and understanding toward other people and more patient,” Arias said. “It felt good to make a difference when you talk to somebody and see that they’re learning and feeling better about themselves.”

Senior Joemy Salazar said that Arias has such a good vibe and can relate to students because he has been in the same position and knows what students are going through.  

Arias likes to think he has impacted his students, especially those who stay connected after graduation. 

“A lot of time, you can tell by how they treat you,” Arias said. “You’re not gonna connect with everybody, right, but I feel like I have.” 

Senior Francisca Ortiz said that Arias is trustworthy, so she and other seniors know that if they have a concern or need someone to talk to, Arias is one of the teachers they could attend. 

Karyme M, is currently a junior, and is heavily involved with school and its extra curricular.