The LEO’s club is having their induction ceremony Thursday, March 21 after school in the Jimmy Carter cafeteria. The LEO’s stands for Leadership Experience Opportunity, this organization teaches you to serve your community. It is important because it teaches students to care more about the surroundings of their community.
Mrs. Torres is the LEO’s club sponsor, she is considered a Lion which is very important because, without an official Lion member, the campus cannot have a LEO’s club. She got sponsored by Mrs. Alma Salinas and therefore was able to become a Lion. The LEO’s club was set up on January 25th of the year 2019. Mrs. Torres first had to be mentored and have her own induction ceremony so the LEO’s club could be an organization in Jimmy Carter.
“Jimmy Carter wasn’t able to have this club until a Lion sponsored us, so La Joya’s Lion club, Mrs. Alma Salinas was sponsoring me so I became a Lion.”
Moreover, Jimmy Carter’s principal, Mrs. Gomez is becoming a Lion, and she has to be inducted on March twenty-first as well.
“ I didn’t think that I was going to but when we started the LEO club and the students were getting inducted it only seemed fit that if I was waiting for the school to have a LEO’s club, then I should model what I want my students to be able to do. Mrs. Torres, the sponsor, got inducted, so it’s my turn to do it because I want the students to see, I want everybody to see that it’s a good organization and helping others is a good thing to do.”
Furthermore, many students will soon have their induction ceremony and be a step closer to becoming a Lion. Current Sophomore, Victor Saldivar expresses the way he feels towards becoming an official Leo.
“I feel really nervous, but at the same time I feel like proud of myself because I am going to help the community in every way possible.”
The LEO’s club induction ceremony is around the corner and many students are looking forward to that day.

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