On Saturday, April 13, seven students traveled to the University of Texas in San Antonio to the regional U.I.L competition.

Janett Flores, senior, competed in theatrical design and will be advancing to the state competition. Michael Del Angel, sophomore, competed and placed 5th place in copy editing. Sol Garcia, senior, qualified to compete in editorial editing with 3rd place in the district competition. Sebastian Solis, senior, competed in Current Events due to his 2nd place win in district. Iridian Reyes, senior, competed in Prose and Poetry because of her 1st place win in district. Last but not least, Angela Cantu, junior, attended as an alternate for Persuasive Debate and Janie Cruz, junior, for Ready Writing because of their 4th place in district.

Leslie hopes in graduating with an Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Mrs. Queen and Mr. Silva have both affected her learning experience positively because they are motivating and make her feel capable. Her favorite subjects are math and physics. The reason she enjoys these subjects is that these subjects allow her to come to an exact answer. In the other hand, she dislikes English because she believes literature should be open for interpretation and often, there isn’t a definite answer. Because she enjoys math and physics, she thinks they are her academic strengths. Leslie participates in UIL Math and Number Sense and is part of FBLA.

She wants to attend college to further her education because she wants to be successful financially, to live a happy life and make her parents and herself proud. One of her goals is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Achieving her goal means that she’ll be able to give back to the people in need. Something that is important to her is her education, as well as kindness.

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