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Many students, here, at Jimmy do not consider themselves to be college students. However, the description and definition of a college student begs to differ.

“This is not real college, this is just preparing us for college because yes, we take college classes, but we aren’t as independent as college students have to be” is what many students often think.

What is a college student?

  • a student enrolled in a college or university either part-time or full-time

In our campus, freshmen take 2 classes maximum for a school year, which means that they are part-time college students.


  • Intellectually curious

“My goals as a college student is to graduate with honors and as well as to expand my knowledge in the engineering field and have a better understanding of how life is going to be in the outside world“, said Ana Garcia, enrolled in two college classes.

Ana Garcia, Interdisciplinary Studies of Science

  • Good time management

“I consider myself a high school student who takes courses. My goals are to pass my classes and get a high GPA. [What aids me in reaching those goals] is that I’m really good at time management and finding time to do all the things I need to do.”

Leann Lopez, Interdisciplinary Studies of Business Management

  • Solid reading, writing, and analysis skills

In order to take any college classes, students must pass their reading TSI, so if you have passed your reading TSI, and are currently enrolled in any college classes, congratulations, you are a college student!

  • A willingness to take risks

“It wasn’t easy to be in this school. I had to put school first. I had to also make sacrifices, like I had to quit sports and put my studies first because if I wanted to be here then I actually had to focus. Also, thrive for what I want to do in life because it’s not easy, college is hard, you hear it from upperclassmen as well. They tell what’s gonna happen in upper classes.”

Clarissa Contreras

  • A commitment to service

“I volunteer at Mission Regional Hospital because I can’t change the world, but I can change and impact the community I live in.”

Angela Marie Rodriguez, Interdisciplinary Studies of Science


  • Pursue a career

” One of my goals is to earn a degree in order to pursue a career and be successful. “

Chelsea Gutierrez, Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Finish classes with a good GPA

If you identify with any of these, you are a college student.

Your Opinion Matters: LJISD’s 1st Food Expo

On Tuesday, April 30th, La Joya ISD hosted its 1st food expo.

This event was hosted at the Child Nutrition Center, which is an extension of central office. The CNS distributes the food around the district of La Joya to each of the 36 campuses.

Galina Reyes, Child Nutrition Director with a Bachelors in Science on specialty dietetics said that there was approximately 25,000 lunches and 19,000 breakfasts served every day, reaching a grand total of 45,000 meals daily.

A group of students from each elementary, middle school, and high school attended the expo to test the food and give their opinion on it, in order for the CNS to determine what food to serve during the upcoming school year.

“Taste, have fun,vote, and get to know them [the companies]” were the instructions that Reyes gave the students that attended.

The food comes from many sources from people that send products to stores like HEB and

Walmart to the brands that we (students) have had since childhood.

“The range of foods was better, more diverse than the typical lunch. We got opportunities to sample Chinese, American, Mexican, sweets, a huge variety of meats, and completely different forms of food i’ve been served since pre-K here at ljisd”, said Thomas Martinez, sophomore.

Eleud Alaniz, coordinator for child nutrition services in inventory and accountability, said that this was the only district that allowed their students to take part in the decision-making process of what foods are to be served.

The decision-making process consisted of students tasting the foods provided by varying companies, then the students rated the level of agreement based of factors like if they’ve ever tried the food before, how they liked the taste, and if they themselves would like to see those foods being served.The cafeteria managers of their respective school filled out they survey that CNS provided.

“Para mi fue muy importante porque a veces les damos comidas que tal vez no les gusta y me gusto mucho oír sus opiniones, me gusto esto, no me gusto el otro, y eso tomarle en cuenta porque al final del dia nosotros estamos para atenderlos. La opinión de nosotros es muy importante, nos gusta que participen en comer y que les guste, si les gusta van a participar”, said Olga L. Salinas, our cafeteria manager.

During the food expo, CNS shared that the summer food service program administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture will be serving nutritional and free meals for all children and teenagers under the age of 18.

Seven Travel to Regional U.I.L Competition 0

Seven Travel to Regional U.I.L Competition

On Saturday, April 13, seven students traveled to the University of Texas in San Antonio to the regional U.I.L competition.

Janett Flores, senior, competed in theatrical design and will be advancing to the state competition. Michael Del Angel, sophomore, competed and placed 5th place in copy editing. Sol Garcia, senior, qualified to compete in editorial editing with 3rd place in the district competition. Sebastian Solis, senior, competed in Current Events due to his 2nd place win in district. Iridian Reyes, senior, competed in Prose and Poetry because of her 1st place win in district. Last but not least, Angela Cantu, junior, attended as an alternate for Persuasive Debate and Janie Cruz, junior, for Ready Writing because of their 4th place in district.


Washington Awaits Angela Cantu

Angela Cantu

Growing up, Angela Cantu found herself streaming Caso Cerrado on Telemundo with her grandfather every Saturday at 8pm. From there on, her grandfather acknowledged the love that Angela had for politics and how politics sparked her curiosity. She wasn’t the stereotypical girl who played with dolls; she was a short, pale-skinned girl who often had a book in her hand,   books her grandfather gifted her when she was 8 years old.

On March 21st, Angela Cantu, junior, was accepted to JSA summer school at Georgetown University.

JSA Summer School gives students the opportunity to experience meticulous college-level classes, in topics such as international relations, constitutional law, political communication, and more. Students who attend this program meet prestigious people and develop vital leadership skills.

Angela said that her acceptance felt surreal because she was accepted in just 7 hours from submitting her application, and usually, it takes 7-10 business days for a application to be reviewed.

“This acceptance proves to me that I am capable enough to achieve my dream of becoming an attorney,” said Cantu.

At first, Angela’s motive to attend this summer program was the opportunity to meet congresswomen and congressmen and attend the White House. However, her motive has changed.

“I hope to become a well-rounded individual not just when it comes to meeting other cultures, meeting other people but gaining a first-hand experience of what happens in our nation’s white house,” said Cantu.

From this experience, she hopes to gain knowledge about her passion in order to use it to her advantage in the future.


Carter Students Receive Superior Rating at VASE Competition

Jimmy Carter Students Receive A Superior Rating in Visual Arts Scholastic Event.

The students attended the competition at Nikki Rowe High School on February 9th.

VASE is a TAEA (Texas Art Education Association) sponsored-visual arts event that recognizes and celebrates exemplary high school student artwork.  High school students in grades 9-12 from throughout Texas can participate by submitting a maximum of two artworks. Jurors interview students and evaluate their artworks using a rating system based on a regional rubric.  During the interview, students discuss their pieces explaining process, meaning, elements of art, and principles of design. Artworks receiving a superior rating of IV are presented with a Regional Medal and advance for State judging.

Glenda Villanueva and Clarissa Contreras are the first students to represent Jimmy Carter ECHS at VASE.  Both students received a superior rating of IV making them Regional Medal winners.

“I feel grrrrrrrrrreat to have been one of the first students to represent Jimmy Carter in this type of event. It is important to me to show the student body the great things that can be achieved through the visual arts.”, said Clarissa Contreras.

Glenda participated with a photograph, and Clarissa with a 3D mix media sculpture. Clarissa explained how her idea came about.

“It started with an idea that developed with my beta fish. As I observed the frond, the form and texture of the frond reminded me of a beta fish.”

Both of the girls explained how this experience was exciting and to some extent, rewarding.

Glenda Villanueva, sophomore, photography participant, said, “I really enjoyed my experience and had fun the whole time. My favorite and scariest part was the interview which i strangely enjoyed. I’m excited to continue competing in events and that’s thanks to VASE.”

Contreras, senior, mixed media creator, said “It was an amazing experience because this was my first time attending this event and it was very interesting to see a magnificent display of artworks created by other high school students from Region 1. I’ll remember this experience forever because this wasn’t just any competition. It was a competition I was excited to attend and felt confident about. “


Carter students claw at the opportunity to place at regional science fair

Nine students represent Jimmy Carter ECHS at 2019 Regional Science and Engineering Fair (RGV RSEF).

Students followed the scientific process, posing questions and providing clear responses to their quandaries. Science fair projects afforded students the opportunity to advance to the district level competition and ultimately qualify to the next stage of the yearly competition.

Secondary science fair entries were subjected to rigorous evaluation and yielded top competitors who advanced to compete at the regional level.

On Saturday, February 2, students and sponsor Brenda Treviño traveled to compete at the event run by The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley which hosts the yearly Regional Science and Engineering Fair (RGV RSEF), this competition stems from the effort to not only support but also further the understanding and appreciation of the STEM field.

Angela Cantu, regionals qualifier, said she was nervous to compete, but the opportunity to represent her father was enough.

“I’m nervous about the competition because they are the best projects of the entire Rio Grande Valley…Honestly, the fact that I’ll be able to take that project to regionals in order to represent my dad is more than enough for me.”

Mr. Villarreal, physics teacher, said that in order for these students to move on to regionals, it took hard-work and dedication.

“First of all,  I think they carefully picked a topic of their interest, something they can actually work on, something they like, besides that they put a lot of time, they did a lot of research, they put a lot of work, a lot of energy, and a lot of mind, and they followed the scientific method, they did everything, every single step according to the scientific method.”

Carter students distinguished themselves at the event by being selected as finalists.

Ana Karen and Ana Fernanda Jardon earned a fifth place award at the regional showdown.

Ana Karena and Fernanda Jardon.

The Carter staff and faculty would also like to congratulate Miranda Vasquez and Ruby Lopez and Brandon Gomez for having earned 2nd places and becoming qualifiers to the state science fair competition.

Miranda Vazquez, state qualifier, said that she was excited for this experience.

“… it’s gonna look good on college resumes and it’s going to help me get ahead and all that. I’m excited, I dont think I’ve ever spent 3 days outside of school for school.”

Ana Karen and Ana Fernanda Jardon

Angela Cantu

Brandon Gomez

Leslie Perez, Chelsea Gutierrez, and Angela Rodriguez.
First UIL Meet 0

First UIL Meet

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On Saturday, October 19, 2018, this year’s first UIL meet took place at Palmview HS. This meet was a huge success for Jimmy Carter ECHS, placing 2nd sweepstakes overall. Congratulations to all of the winners!





Anti-Bullying Pep-rally

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Student Council and Student government members, directed by Junior teacher, Mr. Bernal, organized the Anti-Bullying Pep-Rally. The reason this event took place was to raise awareness against bullying and to celebrate the school’s overall hard work. The pep-rally was held in JCECHS Gym, Friday, October 5th.

The pep-rally began with the pep-squad/cheerleaders taking the floor with a dance in which they dedicated their time to. Second, La Joya High School Jewelettes took the dance floor. Both performances were amazing.

Next, competitive games were hosted: Tug Of War, Orange Race, Wheelbarrow race, Stomping Balloon, and Paper Tennis where the classes went head-to-head.

Finally, there was a competition for the spirit stick, where all the classes tried their best to show off their school pride. Having spirit and pride is the most important thing we can have. Winning the spirit stick is like receiving an Oscar.

The Junior class took the spirit stick. They prepared all week to be able to win the pep-rally spirit stick. They made posters, flags, and confetti so they wouldn’t leave empty-handed. They took pride and joy to the pep rally. Overall, all the grade levels screamed at the top of their lungs showing their pride to be a Red Wolf.

Junior class with the spirit stick.


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