Angela Cantu

Growing up, Angela Cantu found herself streaming Caso Cerrado on Telemundo with her grandfather every Saturday at 8pm. From there on, her grandfather acknowledged the love that Angela had for politics and how politics sparked her curiosity. She wasn’t the stereotypical girl who played with dolls; she was a short, pale-skinned girl who often had a book in her hand,   books her grandfather gifted her when she was 8 years old.

On March 21st, Angela Cantu, junior, was accepted to JSA summer school at Georgetown University.

JSA Summer School gives students the opportunity to experience meticulous college-level classes, in topics such as international relations, constitutional law, political communication, and more. Students who attend this program meet prestigious people and develop vital leadership skills.

Angela said that her acceptance felt surreal because she was accepted in just 7 hours from submitting her application, and usually, it takes 7-10 business days for a application to be reviewed.

“This acceptance proves to me that I am capable enough to achieve my dream of becoming an attorney,” said Cantu.

At first, Angela’s motive to attend this summer program was the opportunity to meet congresswomen and congressmen and attend the White House. However, her motive has changed.

“I hope to become a well-rounded individual not just when it comes to meeting other cultures, meeting other people but gaining a first-hand experience of what happens in our nation’s white house,” said Cantu.

From this experience, she hopes to gain knowledge about her passion in order to use it to her advantage in the future.

Leslie hopes in graduating with an Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Mrs. Queen and Mr. Silva have both affected her learning experience positively because they are motivating and make her feel capable. Her favorite subjects are math and physics. The reason she enjoys these subjects is that these subjects allow her to come to an exact answer. In the other hand, she dislikes English because she believes literature should be open for interpretation and often, there isn’t a definite answer. Because she enjoys math and physics, she thinks they are her academic strengths. Leslie participates in UIL Math and Number Sense and is part of FBLA.

She wants to attend college to further her education because she wants to be successful financially, to live a happy life and make her parents and herself proud. One of her goals is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Achieving her goal means that she’ll be able to give back to the people in need. Something that is important to her is her education, as well as kindness.

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