Many students, here, at Jimmy do not consider themselves to be college students. However, the description and definition of a college student begs to differ.

“This is not real college, this is just preparing us for college because yes, we take college classes, but we aren’t as independent as college students have to be” is what many students often think.

What is a college student?

  • a student enrolled in a college or university either part-time or full-time

In our campus, freshmen take 2 classes maximum for a school year, which means that they are part-time college students.


  • Intellectually curious

“My goals as a college student is to graduate with honors and as well as to expand my knowledge in the engineering field and have a better understanding of how life is going to be in the outside world“, said Ana Garcia, enrolled in two college classes.

Ana Garcia, Interdisciplinary Studies of Science

  • Good time management

“I consider myself a high school student who takes courses. My goals are to pass my classes and get a high GPA. [What aids me in reaching those goals] is that I’m really good at time management and finding time to do all the things I need to do.”

Leann Lopez, Interdisciplinary Studies of Business Management

  • Solid reading, writing, and analysis skills

In order to take any college classes, students must pass their reading TSI, so if you have passed your reading TSI, and are currently enrolled in any college classes, congratulations, you are a college student!

  • A willingness to take risks

“It wasn’t easy to be in this school. I had to put school first. I had to also make sacrifices, like I had to quit sports and put my studies first because if I wanted to be here then I actually had to focus. Also, thrive for what I want to do in life because it’s not easy, college is hard, you hear it from upperclassmen as well. They tell what’s gonna happen in upper classes.”

Clarissa Contreras

  • A commitment to service

“I volunteer at Mission Regional Hospital because I can’t change the world, but I can change and impact the community I live in.”

Angela Marie Rodriguez, Interdisciplinary Studies of Science


  • Pursue a career

” One of my goals is to earn a degree in order to pursue a career and be successful. “

Chelsea Gutierrez, Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Finish classes with a good GPA

If you identify with any of these, you are a college student.

Leslie hopes in graduating with an Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Mrs. Queen and Mr. Silva have both affected her learning experience positively because they are motivating and make her feel capable. Her favorite subjects are math and physics. The reason she enjoys these subjects is that these subjects allow her to come to an exact answer. In the other hand, she dislikes English because she believes literature should be open for interpretation and often, there isn’t a definite answer. Because she enjoys math and physics, she thinks they are her academic strengths. Leslie participates in UIL Math and Number Sense and is part of FBLA.

She wants to attend college to further her education because she wants to be successful financially, to live a happy life and make her parents and herself proud. One of her goals is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Achieving her goal means that she’ll be able to give back to the people in need. Something that is important to her is her education, as well as kindness.

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